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Quick Coupling

Quick Coupling Single Shut-Off Male G1/4 Brass Nickel Plated NBR 21KAAW13MPN

Technical Specifications
DescriptionQDC Single Shut-Off Male G1/4 Brass Ni Pl. NBR 21KAAW13MPN
Product environmentPneumatic & Fluid Handling
Brass Galvanized Nickel Plated
Material seal
Flow rate
2020 SLPM
Temperature range
-20 to 100 °C
Connection type
Male Thread - parallel
With valve
Sealing type
Ø D16 mm
38 mm
9 mm
A connection
G 1/4
Nominal size
DN 5
Measurement data generated in accordance with ISO 6358; CCTOP RP50P at input pressure 6 bar; pressure drop 0,5 bar)
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General information

Single shut-off quick couplers work without a valve in the nipple but with a valve in the quick coupler. The flow is stalled when the connection is broken.

Catalog Chapter Overview
How to select the right coupling
Installation Manuals
 Breathing Air Double Shut-Off Dry Break/ Flatsealing Safety Single Shut-Off Self-venting Single Shut-Off Straight Through
Sealing-Material NBR (Buna) = Acrylonitrile-Butadiene Rubber
Temperature range (°C) -20/+100
Sealing-Material EPDM = Ethylene Propylene Diene Rubber
Temperature range (°C) -40/+150
Sealing-MaterialFKM (Viton) = Fluorocarbon Rubber
Temperature range (°C) -15/+200
Sealing-MaterialFFKM (Kalrez) = Perfluoro Rubber
Temperature range (°C) -25/+240
Specials EVXS_79
InfoPlease contact us for more information about the Rectus Clean Sleeve EVXS versions.
Technical Documentations
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