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The Applikon BioBundle is a complete bioreactor system equipped with all necessary components and is plug and play.  The BioBundle is easy to set up and it requires no special skills or tools to do so.

The process controller has control loops for acidity (pH), temperature, dissolved oxygen, foam/level and agitation, and can apply a combination of digital and analog outputs for process control. The temperature within the BioBundle can be controlled by heating or cooling circulating water through a jacketed bioreactor (glass vessel). For sterilization in an autoclave, the bioreactor must disconnected, which can be easily done.

Keeping this in mind, Teesing recommends colour-coded quick couplings that are easy to use and which prevent mix-ups of media.

As displayed in the photo on the right, the temperature section of the BioBundle contains blue, red and black-coded quick couplings. The blue-coded quick couplings control the water to and from the condensor, the red-coded quick couplings control the water to and from the reactor, and the black-coded quick couplings are for the water inlet and atmospheric drain. It is controlled with a Serto regulating valve.

Color-coded quick couplings

A coded industrial coupling system developed on the basis of series 21 with above-average flow rate for liquid and gaseous media. An easy to use single-hand operation coupling system. Available in brass, POM and PVDF in various colors. The right solution when working with different media that must not be mixed by making the wrong connection.


Rectus blue and red colour coded quick couplings



  • Large variety of different types available
  • Color coded, no mix-ups between media
  • Easy to use, single-hand operation
  • Time saving
  • Suitable for temperatures -20°C to +100°C (NBR). Other temperature ranges are available on request.

Mechanical-coded couplings

The mechanical coding of the coupling and plug offers a guarantee for avoiding mix-ups between media, which is complemented by the color coding of the anodized sleeves.

Rectus blue and red colour coded quick couplings


BioBundle with Quick couplingsBioBundle temperature section

BioBundle with Quick couplings

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