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Of the 36.000 products Teesing supplies, most come from regular suppliers. But already since our inception we produce specials when the market can't deliver what our customer needs. To keep price, delivery time and quality under control Teesing critically assesses its partners. Yet we enter into long-term relationships with our suppliers. A good example is the machining company Centri, with whom we have been working for about 30 years.


We don't know exactly when the cooperation started, 30 years ago the administration was still a paper matter. Centri's oldest kept order book dates back to 1991 and it already includes Teesing as a client: an order for 30 brass distribution blocks, ordered by Fred Lamb, our current managing director.

Both companies are old family businesses and have existed for about 70 years. Exactly when Centri started is also unknown. Even Hannes doesn't know. Hannes is 86 years old and has been working there since he was 15 years old. He still works there 2 days a week!

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Old but not old-fashioned

Old family businesses in particular know that change is good and necessary: over the years Centri has increasingly specialized in difficult operations and close integration in the supply chain of their customers.

Many of the products Centri makes for us are intended for cleanroom applications and are brought together with purchased parts in our cleanroom and assembled, cleaned and double-packed there. In that case, high demands are placed on roughness. In the past, a standard roughness of 3 Ra was used, now it is 0.4 - 0.8 Ra. If the component is intended for a cleanroom application Teesing often has additional requirements, for example that a logo must be engraved because a sticker cannot be applied. In addition, we use many more different materials than before, such as PVDF, POM and superalloys like Hastelloy and Inconel. Centri Managing Director Geoffrey Rangelrooij: "It is the customer's questions that drive the development at Centri forward. That's what makes this work beautiful.”

What Geoffrey noticed is that Teesing nowadays has many more different products of its own than 10 years ago. Characteristic for the development of the cooperation is also that in recent years much more is specified. Where previously only the size was specified and the standard tolerance of 0.5mm was accepted, the engineers of Teesing now work with tolerances of 100sten. This means that more attention is paid to production preparation in order to achieve this. 


The "red phone" appointment

Danny Kooijman, buyer at Teesing: "It's nice when a production company thinks along with you and gives advice on how things can be made the easiest and best. This makes our products better, cheaper and faster to produce". We can then focus on where our strength lies: system design for liquids and gases and their assembly. There is even a "Red Phone" appointment between the companies. When Teesing calls, orders are handled with priority. There is daily contact between the buyers Albert and Danny of Teesing and the cooperation is evaluated every year in December. Teesing engineers are also in regular contact to see if something can be made and if a different design can lead to a better manufacturability, resulting in a lower cost price. For this purpose Centri looks at the CAD files.



The future

Centri has a new ERP system, in which product, drawing, tools and the control of the machine come together. The goal is of course to increase efficiency and improve repeatability. Calculations can be done faster and quality is guaranteed. Then the next step is obvious: drawing up standard product lists between the ERP systems of both companies. Techniques such as metal printing are also possibilities for the future and are already being explored. At the moment the technique is not up to the accuracy Centri needs. Geoffrey: "Just like Teesing we want to continue with new developments and products. That is where the bond between the two companies lies. It is fun and important to build something together. It's a success because we talk well and openly with each other”.



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