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In order to provide fresh coffee, a coffee machine needs regular maintenance. There are several reasons to conduct maintenance. For example: limestone, hot water and high pressures affect the sensitive boiler and solenoid valve over time, coffee beans and ground coffee contain residues that remain in several places in the machine and which cause problems when they accumulate.

Limited space

Because of the limited space in coffee machines, the boiler and solenoid valves are mostly built in behind brass, brass CV or stainless steel tubing and couplings. Bending or straining the tubing leads to damage or even causes leaks. To prevent this, traditional couplings need to be dismounted and removed together with the tubing. Mounting and dismounting the traditional couplings is very time consuming and labor-intensive in comparison with Serto’s unique radial (dis)mounting couplings.


The quality of the products in coffee machine applications is essential. The products need to be FDA approved, capable of withstanding high temperatures (90°C) and pressures up to 16 bar.


All the major manufacturers of professional coffee machines benefit by using Serto’s radial (dis)mounting unions.

Major brands like Jura, La Cimbali, Schaerer, Bremer, WMF, Melitta, Bravilor Bonamat, Animo. Mavam and many other coffee machine manufacturers already benefit from using Serto couplings. One of our newest customers, Thermoplan, equips the coffee machines for the Starbucks chain of coffee shops with Serto unions.

Benefits clamp fittings:

• 40% Time saving
• FDA approved
• Low-lead brass
• Easy radial mounting and dismounting
• Can be pre-assembled for plug and play
• At least one wrench size smaller compared to other couplings

Available products:

• Brass, and brass CV and stainless steel couplings and valves
• Serto assemblies
• FEP, silicon, copper and stainless steel tubing
• Solenoid valves.


Boiler assembly
Boiler subassembly pre-fabricated, mounted and installed by customer.


Boiler unit
Boiler unit in the coffee machine, Serto unions join the media-conveying lines with the espresso module.


Boiler unit 2
Boiler unit in the coffee machine.

Inside a coffee machineSerto Radial (dis)mounting

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