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Heating or cooling of a baking machine, a food industry application. The water transport system for the heating of the baking machine consists of hoses. To keep this flexible and easy to connect and disconnect, often a solution with quick couplings is chosen.


In this application, it is important that the couplings are FDA approved since the water may be in contact with food. The couplings must be lightweight so as not to overload the application. To prevent leakage during the disconnecting procedure a low spill coupling is the best solution. Since the bakery industry is fiercely competitive, value for money is important.

Product Selection

As mentioned, it is important that the materials are FDA approved or that the correct combination of materials is used (think of contact corrosion or breakage of the coupling). Additionally, the choice of the sealing material is strongly dependent on the medium and may result in leakage. People do not always realized that a quick coupling is composed of five parts all of different materials (or could be). All these materials must be compatible with the medium and the environment. The products that are suitable for this purpose are:

Rectus quick couplings in general.

These couplings can be combined with: hoses PUR, armed PUR, PFTE hose with braid, PTFE hose, FEP tubing, silicone hose food grade, Serto program brass CV, PVDF and stainless steel ball valves, stainless steel needle valves, filters, flow regulators.

Food heating and cooling of the baking machine

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