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A large Chinese manufacturer of motor-powered load carriers (a Sinotruck Group engine company) faced the challenge of testing the engines for leaks before the end of the production line. Car manufacturers all over the world have begun to master this key step in automobile manufacturing, that is, quality control. In any industry, quality control is a process used to insure that a product is free from bugs, operational issues and any number of other problems you can think of. In the automotive industry that means cars go through rigorous testing to make sure they are well-engineered, safe and comfortable.

Continuous assembly process

To ensure the quality of the engine and a continuous assembly process the use of WEH connectors are indispensable. If the leakage examination fails, the engine is rejected and goes back in the process of examination. The strict procedure is to avoid product recalls, which cause considerable financial consequences.


How to test engines faster

In the past a plug was screwed on the thread connection of the engine manually but this often resulted in leaks, and it is a time consuming operation. With the connectors a reliable pressure-tight connection is created in seconds and is easy to operate. The production time goes down resulting in savings and process optimisation

For every connection a solution

The WEH connectors have been successfully used in many engine test facilities around the globe. Laborious screwing and unscrewing of tubes, hoses and other components is eliminated, connections to testing devices are improved. Fuel lines can, for example, be connected at engine test benches for hot and cold tests, as well as for pressure and function tests.

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