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market development

Liquid cooling of electronic devices is used in for example MRI and microscopy systems. The need for a reliable, low maintenance cooling solution is high. A huge growth potential market is the building of MRI systems for the medical industry. MRI has become the preferred diagnostic imaging method now and predictable also for the future. The increasing demand for electronic devices in the coming years will also ensure an increasing demand for cooling capacities.


Cooling of the racks and radar systems. Cooling for electron microscope, cooling the X-ray tubes, cooling the CT and MRI scanners.


Certain materials can not be used in combination with other materials (contact corrosion or breakage of the coupling). Choice of the sealing material is strongly dependent on the medium, and can also lead to leakage. It is not always realized that a quick coupling is composed out of five parts and can be made of different materials, all of these materials should be compatible with the medium and the environment. Selecting the wrong coupling may cause leakage when disconnecting. It is therefore important in the selection of the best quick coupling for the application,to take into account the possible occurrence of a vacuum which allows only certain ranges of couplings or seal materials might be resistant. For instance Series 38 / 39KB / SB quick couplings can be applied but beware; brass with demineralised water causes problems in terms of pollution.

Product Selection

Recommended are the rectus quick couplings series 204, 206, 209 and 48 series. RNS subject to a number of technical specifications. These couplings can be combined with: Plastic tubing such as PTFE hose with braid, PTFE hose, FEP tubing, Serto Brass CV, PVDF and stainless steel ball valves, stainless steel needle valves, filters,flow regulators, manifolds, aluminum anodized couplings, complete assemblies consisting of this components.


Thales, PMT Aerotec, Fei, Panalytical, CT/MRI scanner, Bradford Engineering
Cooling medium: dowcal, water, glycol, demineralized water

Cooling of racks, radar systemsEngineered cooling application

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