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This Code of Conduct demonstrates how Teesing takes responsibility with regard to human rights, labour practices and fair operating practices.

The Code does not provide detailed rules for every situation we may encounter but serves as our guide for appropriate behaviour on a daily basis. This Code helps Teesing employees take sound, ethical decisions that are in the best interest of all Teesing stakeholders.

Values Teesing

Quality - Teesing is known and recognised as an international supplier of high quality connection solutions.

Customised - Teesing has intensive partnerships with its customers and suppliers.

Innovation - Teesing responds proactively and innovatively to technical and market developments.

Expert – Teesing has highly qualified employees who can manage the progressive goals of the company.

Co-operative - Teesing employees are customer and solution focused. They are capable, innovative and flexible and dare to take the right decisions.

Core subjects

Human Rights Teesing stands for a human rights policy that gives meaningful guidance to those within Teesing and those closely linked to the Teesing organisation.

In certain circumstances, where there may be no simple formula or solution and where Teesing is more likely to face challenges and dilemmas relating to human rights and (contributing to) the risk of human rights abuse, Teesing bases its decision by giving priority to human rights.

Teesing avoids complicity in wrongful acts of others that are inconsistent with, or disrespectful of, international norms of behaviour. Teesing also avoids complicity in staying silent about or benefitting from such wrongful acts.

Teesing does not discriminate on the grounds of origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, political or religious opinions, union membership or personal disabilities, against employees, partners, customers, stakeholders or anyone else with who it has any contact or on who Teesing could have an impact.

Teesing ensures the availability of the following procedures for its own use and that of its stakeholders

  • Reporting procedure:
    Teesing has a procedure for reporting on possible internal and external misconduct. Teesing ensures that any suspected wrongful act is properly investigated and that, if the suspicion is confirmed, measures are taken to address the misconduct and its harmful effects. The stakeholder who makes the report will be appropriately protected against retaliation.
  • Counsellor:
    Teesing has appointed an HR counsellor who is responsible for activities aimed at preventing unwanted behaviour and manners.


Labour practices

All terms and conditions of work and social protection comply with national laws and regulations or with legally binding agreements between those for who work is performed and those who perform the work.

Teesing has a Human Resources policy that takes into account the priorities and needs of both Teesing and its employees.

Teesing ensures health and safety at work by protecting its employees from risks to physical, mental and social wellbeing and preventing harm to health caused by working conditions.

Fair operating practices

Teesing has an anti-corruption policy. Employees may not engage in corrupt practices and Teesing does not tolerate illegal behaviour by its customers, suppliers or public officials or any behaviour that is generally regarded as unethical.

Only those gifts, invitations or benefits given to or received from a customer or supplier whose sole aim is to strengthen their brand image and maintain good business relationships may be accepted. Their value must be nominal and consistent with customary business practices and must not violate applicable laws or regulations. In case of doubt, the management must be consulted.

Teesing promotes fair competition because it stimulates innovation and efficiency and reduces the costs of products and services. Fair competition ensures that all parties have equal opportunities and encourages the development of new or improved products. Teesing respects the property rights of its customers, suppliers and other stakeholders by entering into Non-Disclosure Agreements and other contracts to ensure the protection of such rights as well as to promote investment, economic and physical security and encourage creativity and innovation.

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