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Teesing China


Industrial systems

 Contact information

Teesing Industrial Systems (Beijing) Co. ltd
No. 37 Jingsheng Nan Er Jie, Ma Ju Qiao Town,
Tong Zhou District, 101102 Beijing

E- mail:  info@teesing.com.cn

Telephone: 010-60576210,  010-60576220
Fax: 010-60576170

About Teesing CHINA

Teesing Industrial Systems (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (TIS) is a subsidiary of Teesing BV since 2005. TIS supplies mainly the Chinese market with fittings, valves, tubing, systems and assemblies for industrial applications. With our experience we are able to effectively and efficiently serve the rapid development of the Chinese market by providing a complete package of products and services for different applications. Specialized knowledge of our products and markets allows us to respond quickly to any questions about the transport of gases and liquids to the place of use. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we can also deliver customized products and assemblies that are designed to meet the specifications of critical process requirements.

We offer a complete package with brands like SERTO, EXMAR, WEH, DESTEC, Resato and LISA. We do this in specialized markets, such as the medical/pharmaceutical industry, water treatment companies, automotive industry, railways, semiconductor industry and alternative fuels.

TIS stands for quality products and efficient solutions for the local market in China spearheaded to improve air quality. By working together and developing new solutions and new technologies, we contribute to a clean and safe economy in China.

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