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Magnetic Innovations


Johan Dams, Founder:

"Teesing is a technically competent development partner that provides fast and appropriate advice and offers a wide variety of components so that a development effort can be made within short time and results in an end product that can be delivered in series."

Magnetic Innovations supplies motors and actuators

Magnetic Innovations B.V. is located in Veldhoven, which is in the heart of the Dutch Brainport region. R&D and production facilities are located at the premises, which are regarded as a center of excellence in electromechanical technology. Magnetic Innovations B.V. is a global supplier to the semiconductor, aerospace, industrial, automotive and consumer markets.

Depending on the design that is developed at the R&D site in the Netherlands, Magnetic Innovations supplies rotary motors and linear actuators manufactured in the Dutch, American, Eastern European or Asian production facility.

Magnetic Innovations reduces TOC and increases efficiency

Magnetic Innovations focuses particularly on direct drive high torque rotation, linear motors, generators, moving magnet and voice coil actuators and other products that require an electromechanical customized design and are optimized for customer use. Magnetic Innovations puts motors on the market that decrease the total cost of ownership and increase product efficiency and performance.

The product range of frameless high torque motors is built from high-quality components with innovative configurations to deliver unrivaled performance when it comes to durability and compact construction combined with a high specific torque.

Equipped with air or water cooling

The durable and compact motors are placed in demanding applications with forced air cooling or water cooling to maintain or increase performance. When forced air cooling is not an option, the motor is equipped with a water cooling system. In this technical solution Teesing offers support in the field of competence: offering a complete package of products and services with regard to the transport of gases and liquids. In this case, we assisted Magnetic Innovations in the various phases such as idea formation, research, development, testing, production, installation, maintenance and any redesign to remain competitive in the market.

In the case of the direct drive frameless high torque motor range, the Serto system with a compact connection perfectly matches the end product of Magnetic Innovations. With a diameter limitation of the motor where a high torque is required, compact water cooling offers the solution. Because liquid cooling drains the heat a lot better, the engine can also be subjected to a much more extreme continuous load.

Advantages of the cooling system

  • Doubling of the continuous power due to water cooling in comparison with air cooling.
  • Time savings in production and maintenance equals cost reduction in the total operational costs.
  • Reliable leak-free connections with 'larger' diameter sizes, yet compact and simple.



Compacte motor met waterkoeling


Serto verbinding waterkoeling in motor


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