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Marketech international corp.

No. 1 supplier Teesing

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marketech international corp.

 "Teesing has been ranked as a nr. 1 supplier by a major modulemaker in Taiwan".


Teesing has operated in Taiwan for 5 years now and recently reached the status of nr. 1 supplier for MIC division M7 (Marketech International Corp.), a leading company in high-purity, high-precision modules.

We were rated on 'quality' (parts reject rate) with an excellent score of 0% and on 'on time delivery' with an excellent score of 100%. Therefore we were placed on the ESL (excellent supplier list Class A) and ranked no. 1 on a total of 110 suppliers at MIC M7. This is a succes and emphasizes the strengths of Teesing worldwide!

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Hallie Chung
Hallie Chung

Office Manager

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