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We have been asked to carry out on-site work on the heat exchangers at Sabic in Geleen, the Netherlands. MCL, based in Born, the Netherlands, does maintenance projects for process equipment in product plants. Sabic (the end user) in Geleen is an international petrochemical production site that produces raw materials for the manufacture of synthetics.

maintenance of flange connections

Teesing and Destec together provide fast and effective maintenance of flange connections and gaskets in the heat exchangers. This involves preparation for the project, monitoring, drawing up the documentation and providing guarantees. Communication, coordination and a solution-oriented approach are essential for this.

The following work has been carried out:

  • Inspection and maintenance of the seals, flange, header, groove and bore using portable equipment.
  • Inspection of the bolts. This involves measuring, cleaning, replacing and fitting bolts.
  • Tightening and tensioning of the bolts using spanners.

minimum downtime of the production site

The advantage for the end customer is that downtime at the factory is kept to a minimum thanks to strict planning between the parties involved. The technical and other experience that Destec and Teesing have keeps downtime to a minimum and quality in general is safeguarded. We are also a flexible team that responds well to urgent jobs, and that can handle unforeseen issues thanks to our own extensive range of specially designed machinery and tools.

extensive servicing

In addition to ‘bolt tensioning’ and ‘facing’, we can also mill, tap threads, drill, weld, cut pipes, seal leaks and repair polymer. In addition, we can carry out calculations and tests. Alongside on-site work, we can supply compact flanges, pipe connectors and single bolt connectors.

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related products and services

Inspection of seals

Inspection of the seals.

Simultaneous tensioning

Simultaneous tensioning according to the customer’s specifications.

More information?

Please contact our Project Coordinator:

Stephen de Ruijter

Project Coordinator

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