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ovivo customer story

Ovivo Holland B.V.

water treatment installation


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ovivo holland b.v.

Vincent Ferber - Managing Director
"Teesing has brainstormed with us for over 20 years, from A to Z".


Water treatment installation

Ovivo Holland B.V. designs, builds and maintains customer-specific water treatment plants.

“As an OEM, we deliver high-quality equipment to our customers, so we set high standards for our suppliers’ reliability, knowledge and service. Our installations are customer-specific; nothing is standard. Every plant, every process is unique and our customers often place high demands on the components and materials we use.

We have bought solid piping and valves from our partner Teesing for more than 20 years. Their product range includes high-quality products from many different brands. Teesing is a reliable partner, providing knowledge, the right advice, excellent service and after-sales. Are we satisfied with the collaboration? Well, there’s a good reason we’ve been working with them for so long!”

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Please contact our Project Coordinator:

Stephen de Ruijter
Stephen de Ruijter

Project Coordinator

Tel.   +31 70 413 07 49
Mob. +31 6 48 93 08 20
Mail s.deruijter@teesing.com