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Jeroen Niels - Manager Technical Watch
RE & FM, The Netherlands

"Proper, timely communication and collaboration with Teesing made the successful conclusion of this project possible with no disruption of operations".

Introduction NXP

NXP Semiconductors N.V. is the market leader in the field of secure connectivity solutions such as micro-controllers and processors, sensors in connected vehicles and other smart connected applications like smartwatches, NFC readers and smart lighting. During the production of these solutions, NXP uses ultra-high-purity gas supplied in the required quality by bulk gas purifiers. We were asked to replace the existing bulk purifiers, which had been in operation for over 20 years.

Fast and effective approach

Teesing and Saes together provide fast, effective replacement of the oxygen bulk purifiers, which, together with the customer and installers, involves preparation for the project, monitoring, drawing up the documentation and providing guarantees. Communication, coordination and a solution-oriented approach are essential for this.

The following work has been carried out:

  • Recommendations submitted based on the customer’s specific requirements regarding operational safety and reliability.
  • Delivery of the bulk purifiers, including transport, documentation.
  • Support during connection, start-up and configuration of the PS6 MGT 60 purifier.


The advantage for the end customer is that downtime at the factory is kept to a minimum thanks to strict planning between the parties involved. The technical and other experience that Saes and Teesing have keeps downtime to a minimum and quality in general is safeguarded. Unexpected issues that could delay installation are also dealt with properly.

Extensive servicing

Customers can use a sampling system in order to maintain insight into the quality of gases. The system measures any contamination very accurately and is often used to analyse and certify cleaning gases.

Inspectie van de purifiers

Inspection of the purifier during installation.

Adjusting regeneration according to the customer's specifications

Adjusting regeneration according to the customer’s specifications.

More information?

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