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John Schouwenburg - Head of Production
 "Teesing's customized advice brought down our total cost of ownership".



PMT Partners Medisch Techniek B.V. produces sterilizers in-house under the CE certificate for medical devices

“PMT manufactures and supplies equipment of a constant quality with the longest possible life cycle, low maintenance and virtually no downtime. In our sterilization devices we use Serto couplings because of the radial mounting and dismounting. In limited spaces the couplings save space and time, but they are also easy to install."

Serto radial mounting and dismounting

The Serto radial (dis)mounting couplings are unique in the market, a perfect solution for applications with a limited installation space, excellent for repeatedly mounting and dismounting.

"Looking at the application, Teesing advised a cheaper material, but qualitatively an equivalent alternative. This reduced our total cost of ownership.”

PVDF instead of stainless steel

PMT made use of stainless steel couplings and tubing, Teesing advised to use PVDF, a quality equivalent material in this application. The temperature of the application ranged within -40 °C to 100 °C and did not rise above a pressure of 10 bar. Within these parameters PVDF is a perfect alternative to stainless steel. The process remains the same but the total cost of ownership is reduced from 100% to 25%.

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Application solution >Serto radial (dis) mounting

Serto radial (dis)mounting

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