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Willem Holleman - Project Engineer Electric
 "It is a real pleasure to work with Teesing. Issues are resolved instantly and the  communication is powerful and fast".


Gröninger Cleaning Systems B.V. is leading specialist in professional (high pressure) cleaning systems

A personal and no-nonsense approach

Willem Holleman sees the added value of Teesing in projects like these, Teesing supplies quick, accurate but more importantly, with a personal no-nonsense approach. Willem Holleman gave Teesing a tour around the work field to show the delivered components in action.

Development of control cabinets

The new installation of NTC Tankcleaning B.V. in the Botlek area offers eight cleaning bays for tank containers, two food-cleaning bays, four chemical cleaning bays, including two bays with 200 bar cleaning. The control cabinets contain solenoid manifolds with Profinet connection that drive the valves which control the desired cleaning solvents. The development of these control cabinets has been a collaboration between Gröninger and Teesing.

An extensive range of products

Companies like Gröninger see the advantage of dealing with one partner like Teesing, that can provide such an extensive range of products. Teesing now provides manifolds, LDPE and PTFE tubing, ball valves, fittings and more

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