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GL precision customer story

GL precision

traceable and cleaned cleanroom products

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Gl precision

GL Precision receives products cleaned, assembled and packaged exactly to their specifications.


The Customer's Activities

GL Precision is supplier of high-precision mechanical parts and assemblies.

Products are cleaned

GL Precision makes use of the extensive services of the Teesing cleanroom. The products supplied by Teesing need to be cleaned to meet specific requirements and packaged in cases. This ensures maximum efficiency when installing these products.

Teesing also packs, labels and seals

GL Precision orders their assembly kits in small series. Teesing cleans the products before packing them individually. These products are all labelled for maximum traceability. The products are packed in special cases and are labelled and sealed.

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Cleanroom case
traceable cleanroom products

More information?

Please contact our Sales Engineer:

Mike Gijsbertse
Mike Gijsbertse

Sales Engineer

Tel.   +31 70 413 07 47
Mail m.gijsbertse@teesing.com