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 "We are very satisfied with the path that we have travelled with Teesing".



Competent partner in connection technology

Thales Nederland originates from the former Hollandse Signaalapparaten located in Hengelo. Through further specialization, the company is increasingly concentrating on core activities such as the development of software and radar, the manufacturing of bare-boards, and the final assembly of the radar systems. The company was looking for a competent partner in connection technology to outsource future developments. Examples include the liquid cooling system, the pump assembly and the filter modules for cooling water installations. This is how Thales finally arrived at Teesing B.V., specialized in the area of high-quality connection technologies focused on the transport of various media.

Exactly the righ components

During the first leg of the process Teesing discussed with Thales after the building plan had been approved and when only the choice of the correct components needed to be made. Teesing delivered brand-independent components based on the stated specifications regarding pressure, temperature and environment. This outsourcing eventually resulted in costs savings because Thales was able to purchase both existing components and custom-made solutions in clusters.

Design and engineering capabilities

"By making a selection of existing and custom-made components, engineering trajectories are not made unnecessarily expensive"
- Mark van Bronswijk

Thales is so satisfied with the services provided that Teesing is now involved early in the design process.

Liquid cooling system

Liquid cooling system

Hand pump assembly and storage case

Hand pump assembly with storage case

More information?

Please contact our Corporate Engineering Manager:

Mark van Bronswijk

Corporate Engineering Manager

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