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Variass customer story

Variass medical systems

High quality standards for products

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variass medical systems

Anne Flapper - Product Developer
"Teesing knows what it's doing. And we benefit from that knowledge."


Variass Medical Systems develops electronic and mechatronic medical and analysis systems such as the kidney assist.

Good chemical resistance and certified bio-compatibility

“All the couplings, pipes and sensors we use, we buy at Teesing. Our quality standards are high. Stainless steel parts must have good chemical resistance and the longest possible life cycle and they must be bio-compatible and equipped with labels and the related certificates. Teesing offers us this quality. And above all, they understand our questions, brainstorm with us and come up with the best solution. Teesing knows our business and can seize opportunities better than anyone else.”

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variass kidney assist

Kidney Assist

More information?

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Erwin Ritsema
Erwin Ritsema

Corporate Sales Manager

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