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Thales Netherlands specializes in designing and producing professional electronics for defence and security applications, such as radar and communication systems.


Teesing designed a Hand Fill Pump that can be combined with a jerry-can to avoid spillage of potential harmful fluids in the environment. This product can be ordered as one article number and comes in a case.


The company was looking for a competent partner in connection technology to outsource future developments. We provide a ready-to-use solution: one case with a complete Hand Fill Pump. We choose a combination of off-the-shelf available products and combined those into a reliable system against a competitive price level.

Teesing anticipates the development of companies that want to focus again on their core business and turn to the specialists for advice on, for example, connection technology.


Materials:  Stainless steel
Medium: Glycol and/or demineralized water
Currently in use by: Thales and her customers
Pressure: Max. 12 bar
Working Temperature: -10 ~ +40 °C
Components used: Pumps, Serto, gauge, PE tubing, assembly
Safety factor  〉3

“Meanwhile, Thales is so satisfied with the services provided that Teesing is now involved early in the design process”

2D tekening van de hand vul pomp

3D ontwerp van de Thales hand vul pomp

Hand vul pomp op een jerrycan


hand vul pomp in de koffer

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