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This solution was provided to a leading provider of high tech systems for the semiconductor industry is located in the south of The Netherlands.


For the 17,6x13mm hose there is a push on coupling on the market. Teesing designed the same kind of coupling for the new 22x16mm hose. The design is based on the current push on coupling used for the 17,6x13 hose.

For the samples and testing these couplings are fitted with a JIC 06 male connection (there are off course other connections possible)

To make sure the coupling clamps the hose correctly and can withstand a high enough pressure we performed a burst pressure test. This is done with water and that made clear that the coupling combined with the hose can withstand a pressure of over 40 bar. After that the hose strengthening breaks and the hose deforms.


A proper coupling is not always available for larger sizes and hose nipples in some occasions cause leakage. We came up with a secure connection especially for these hoses.


Material:  Stainless steel 316L in combination with
Medium: Demineralized water
Pressure: Max.15 bar
Burst pressure test: 40 bar
Safety factor: 〉2.5
Temperature: 23 °C 

Idee tekening slang koppeling

3D ontwerp van de slang koppeling

Testen van de push-on slang koppeling

Plug and play koppeling op de slang

push-on slang koppeling in werkingpush-on slang koppeling parts

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