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The TU-Delft valve is a specially designed tool for George Krintiras, PhD, a researcher at TU-Delft. Kintiras is a researcher developing a novel process, called the ‘Couette Cell’, for the production of fibrous plant-protein-based meat substitutes.


To create meat substitute samples a machine with a heating chamber is built. The TU-Delft valve is an import tool that guides the material in the heating chamber. When the chamber is full, the last material will be pushed in by turning the piston. When the piston cannot be screwed in further the heating chamber is closed.


Teesing was asked to create a valve that could guide and finally push an unknown dense material from a tube into a 200 degree heating chamber. When combining different materials for use at high temperature, one must take into account the expansion of the material and avoid any gaps but also make disassembly possible for cleaning. The resulting valve is easy to use, easy to clean and durable.


Material:  Stainless Steel 316 and Kalrez
Medium: Protein mixture
Currently in use by: TU Delft
Working pressure: 8 bar
Working temperature: up to 200 °C
Max. temperature: 260 °C

“We created a customer-specific solution to a problem which could not be solved with standard parts. Specially designed and produced parts combined with standard parts made it possible to keep the costs low.”

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