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Viscon is specialised in logistic solutions for all handling processes in the food and agriculture businesses. One of them is hatchery automation.


Two cabinets were designed and manufactured by Teesing for air and fluid distribution. Pneumatics are used to move a tray with eggs into the machine and lift them towards the needle. Also a system is used to move the needle towards the egg. The needles need to be cleaned on the outside after every egg and are cleaned on the inside daily.


The project started with a request for tubing and ended up a collaboration between Viscon, Teesing and a manufacturer to optimize the system. The cabinets were engineered by Teesing and produced in cooperation with a manufacturer to optimize the system. The cabinets are completely plug and play.


Material:  Stainless steel, PTFE, POM and silicon
Medium: Air, chloride, alcohol, soap and vaccine
Currently in use by: Viscon
Pressure: Air up to 10 bar, fluids atmosferic pressure
Temperature: Ambient
Cabinet size: 81x63x40 cm
Components used: Serto couplings, tubing, pneumatic valves,
liquid pump, solenoid valves, air filters and reducers.
"We can offer this solution because we are not bound by brands. We can combine the best solutions to one complete assembly which we have engineered, designed and produced.”

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Plug and play vocht en lucht distributie kast

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