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KMWE is specialized in the machining of functional critical components and the assembly and engineering of fully tested mechatronic systems. KMWE came up with a solution to build a modular cleanroom which if necessary can be taken apart to move to a different location or to adjust the cleanroom when needed.


The chosen products are suitable for use with clean gasses and can be placed in the cleanroom. The Teesing Diaphragm valves are as leak tight as needed for the application (10^-9 mbar*l/s) with customised connections for the application and color marking for the different gasses. The needle valves for the ultra pure water have the right materials and seals.


The project started with a request for advise for materials for the gas supply in their new ISO 6 cleanroom. By discussing with KMWE we decided to use stainless steel precision tube with Serto couplings which are suitable for cleanroom application. To keep the ultra clean gasses as clean as possible and to get to the leak tightness that is needed for the leaktests that need to be done on assemblies, the lines are shut off with diaphragm valves. These are customised to fit the application and desired connections.


Productgroup: Stainless steel & PTFE tubing, diaphragm
valves, couplings, fittings.
Medium: N2, XCDA, He, R14, demineralized water
Pressure: Max. 10 bar
Temperature: Ambient
Classification ISO 6 clean room

“Combining the Serto panelmount with the tubing and valves suitable for cleanroom applications made it possible to only have the valves with connectors in the cleanroom and all the lines at the outside of the cleanroom.”

KMWE modulaire clean room schone gas

Modulaire clean room oplossing voor schone gas

Clean room schone gas oplossing

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