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Thales Netherlands specializes in designing and producing professional electronics for defence and security applications, such as radar and communication systems.


We designed a Liquid Filter Unit that filters coolant before it enters the heat exchangers in radar equipment. We used an industrial commercially available filter and built a frame work around it with required valves and connections to make it suitable for the demanding environment on navy vessels. The coolant liquid is filtered down to 1 μm contamination.


Commercially available industrial components are not necessarily suitable for use in demanding marine applications, while the price and specification are interesting. By creating a frame around it, the filter can be used in this environment, protecting it from shocks and by even facilitating a redundancy function for some double filter versions. 

The end result is a plug-and-play product, assembled and pressure tested.By combining the industrial filter with a frame and connectors, a competitively priced product is created, suitable for the job.


Material:  Stainless Steel
Medium: Glycol and/or demineralized water
Currently in use by: Navy worldwide
Working pressure Max. 6 bar
Working temperature: -10 ~ +60 °C
Components used: Adapters, fittings, filters, assembly
Pressure test: Max. 10 bar
Safety factor: 1,5

“Because the first design was well retrieved, we expanded the LFU family with another four versions, from single to double filters, with different capacities.”

2D tekening van de vloeistof filter unit

3D ontwerp van de filter unit

Vloeistof filter unit

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