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Calculate your benefit

Use the calculator below to get a quick indication of the benefits using a SertoTool or SertoMatic offers you! The manual mounting time is based on the Serto Pre-assembly mounting instructions. Download the PDF.


Average Serie Size


Amount of manual mountings on an annual basis (1 coupling = 2 mountings)

Manual mounting time (seconds)

Serto Mounting Tool Benefits

  • Consistent quality, the same tightening torque
  • No friction on the surface due to axial assembly
  • Ergonomic, little physical power needed
  • Easy and fast pre-assembly of large couplings
  • Suitable for construction areas
  • Suitable for cleanrooms

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Serto's mounting tool is powered by compressed air and can be easily mounted anywhere because it is small and lightweight. Each device has a rotable insert that is suitable for a specific material (M brass, stainless steel, stainless SOL, etc.) so it can not be misplaced.


The SertoMatic can be used to assemble larger diameters. The SertoMatic is equipped with a powerful electro-hydraulic pump for rapid assembly of all Serto couplings. The SertoMatic is suitable for the assembly of couplings up to a diameter of 35 mm.


More information about the SertoTool or SertoMatic? Please contact our Sales Engineers.

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