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Largest cng station of asia

Largest CNG STATION in Asia

ENN, part of Xinao group, one of the top energy distributing companies in the country, continues trusting Aspro so as to equip their stations. To date, from Aspro`s branch in Beijing, we have been working together with ENN team in order to find CNG new solutions. At present, they have acquired 15 Aspro-TIS (Teesing Industrial Systems) compression systems and we have recently provided them with our technology at a mother station in the city of Langfang, equipped with two line HF 75 model high flow compressors and an IODM 115 model which will have a daily volume sale of 300,000 Sm³.


Mother stations are used for CNG high-volume refueling in mobile storage units, allowing CNG transport to areas where there’s no access to gas pipelines. The supplied stations are “daughter stations”, industries or gas distribution systems for cities.

The HF 75 line compressors, used at this large station, are especially designed to fulfill the needs of refueling posts that require a high flow of gas compression per hour, with an input pressure range of between 0 and 60 bar.

This project is a top stepup for the consolidation of our branch in China, Aspro TIS Beijng Co. Ltd, as, since its beginnings, it has been developed by its commercial and technical team. It is a clear example of the potential our branch has in China so as to give impetus to the CNG development.


The CNG market in China advances fast, hand in hand with the completion of two gas pipelines that go from the western to the eastern part, and two new projects that will reach the north of the country which are underway. From the Government, important incentive policies are being promoted for the development of this fuel and, within this context, 300 new stations will be built in 5 years’ time, which will be added to the 2,500 that are currently running in the whole country.

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CNG motherstation

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