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In the coming years Corporate Social Responsibility will be one of Teesing's focal points.

Code of Conduct

In 2015 an ESF subsidy was granted. This subsidy allowed Teesing, together with an external agency, to carry out this project to create awareness of and ask a contribution by all employees to social responsibility.

Awareness is essential in the changing international market in which Teesing operates.

The project has resulted in a Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct is part of the Employee Handbook and therefore forms part of these regulations.

Prior to writing the Teesing Code of Conduct, the directors and management were interviewed on key issues like human rights, labour practice and fair operating practices according to ISO 26000.
The results of these interviews led to the creation of the Teesing Code of Conduct.

In the future the Code of Conduct will be expanded with a key issue: the environment.

The Code of Conduct was written for Teesing worldwide and is part of the Employee Handbook.

The Code of Conduct has been published on the Teesing website and is free on request for every stakeholder of Teesing.

Click here to read the Code of Conduct

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More information

If you have any questions after reading the Code of Conduct, I would like to hear from you.

Carla Jansen

Executive Assistant & CSR Coordinator

+31 70 413 07 41