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The semiconductor industry is a highly demanding market, which is known for complex technologies and dependence on the supply chain. The industry is driven by a few dynamic forces:

  • Constantly striving for smaller, faster, energy-efficient and cheaper, driven by Moore’s Law.
  • High rate of technological developments and innovation.
  • Very short time-to-market for new product introductions for the consumermarket.
  • High sensitivity to cyclical trends; rapid growth and sudden decline.

High tech applications

Teesing supplies since 1952 components, assemblies and engineering capacity to the OEM industry who need to cool electronic systems and integrate the subsystems. We are specialized in the system relating to the supply and discharge of cooling water. Hereby our customers could focus on their core activities.


The cooling capacity is increasing together with the production output of OEMs and thereby changes the requirements on the components. These items must be suitable for the media like for instance Ultra Pure Water, (demineralized) water or Glycol. Quick connect couplings  have to be leakproof and resistant to higher temperatures and guarantee high flows. Besides that all parts and assemblies have to meet high cleanliness standards for use in clean rooms to avoid contamination.

Selecting the wrong components may occur leakage. Certain materials can not be used in combination with other materials (think of contact corrosion) and may even lead to failure of the entire system.


Besides standard components, Teesing also offers customized products to meet the high specifications of the end customers. Additionally we also like to think beyond purely technical specifications, such as ease of installation, cost reductions, maintenance, packaging and logistics. A complete package for your thermal management.


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