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Teesing is increasingly focusing on providing customization in connection technology. The Systems & Engineering
Department led by Mark van Bronswijk has seen a significant increase in these issues from the market. A good example is Thales Nederland which originated from the former Hollandse Signaalapparaten located in Hengelo.

SPECIALIzATION in connection technology

Through further specialization, Thales begun limiting itself to core activities such as the software and radar development, bare-boards manufacturing, and the final assembly of the radar systems. The company was looking for a competent partner in connection technology to outsource future developments to. Examples of its developments include a liquid cooling system, a pump assembly and filter modules for cooling water installations. This is how Thales arrived at Teesing BV. We are specialized in the area of high-quality connection technologies focused on the transport of various media.


During the first leg of the collaboration, Teesing discussed the needs with Thales. The building plan had already been approved and only the choice of the suitable components needed to be made. Teesing delivered brand-independent components based on the stated specifications regarding pressure, temperature and environment. Thales' outsourcing to Teesing eventually resulted in costs savings because both existing components and custom-made solutions were purchased in clusters. 'By making a selection of existing and custom-made components, engineering trajectories are not made unnecessarily expensive,' Mark van Bronswijk says.

Meanwhile, Thales is so satisfied with Teesing's services that Teesing is now involved early in the design process. Thales has new designs on the drawing table and will utilize Teesing's added value. Teesing’s Systems & Engineering Department is positive about the future: existing and new customers are increasingly making use of our services. Whether it involves streamlining and adapting existing assemblies and modules or assembling a solution from scratch, the knowledge Teesing has gained in recent years is now coming to fruition. We anticipate the development of companies that want to re-focus their core business and turn to specialists for advice on, for example, connection technology. More and more companies are finding their way to Teesing when it comes to more complex issues such as cooling systems, filter modules for gasses and liquids, pneumatic control, and assemblies in various industries such as OEM, the food industry, the semiconductor industry and process chemistry.

Teesing thinks along with you from the source to the process.

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