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Dear customer,

As we continue to monitor the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, I wanted to reach out and let you know how Teesing is handling this unprecedented situation.

As always, we are committed to serving our customers, while at the same time ensuring the health and wellness of our employees. With the incredible speed at which things are changing around us, we are continually adapting our operations and business.

Business continuity management

Our management team ensures that our critical functions are up and running so that we may continue to provide you with an outstanding level of service. Our customer care, sales and purchase teams remain active.

Supply chain management

We are actively monitoring our global supplier network and freight lanes to identify any risks of business interruption. We conduct internal meetings to review and discuss the ever-evolving situation surrounding COVID-19 and are working closely with our customers to identify unforeseen changes in demand. If you anticipate any significantly higher or lower purchases in the foreseeable future, please let us know so that we may focus our efforts to serve you at the highest level.

Additionally, our purchasing department communicates with our suppliers several times a week. Currently, all of our suppliers are operating on normal schedules.

Business travel and in-person meetings

We have postponed business travel for our employees and restricted onsite visits to our facility. We have phone and videoconferencing tools at the ready to conduct virtual meetings. We feel this is an effective way to conduct business while simultaneously minimizing health risks.

Employees working remotely

We have implemented occupancy and social distancing guidelines as recommended by the government. We have encouraged our staff to work from home to the greatest extent possible, while also ensuring their availability. We have a very solid internal communications system and can remain operational with a remote staff.

Additional changes

Our main concern is everyone’s health and wellness, and our thoughts are with our customers, employees and communities. As we continue to monitor the situation, additional changes in our operations may be necessary in order to comply with government guidelines. We will keep you posted as we navigate through this challenging and uncertain time.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact your account manager. If you have any questions about delivery time please contact our customer care team. As always, thank you for your continued partnership and support. Best wishes to you, your families and colleagues.

Yours sincerely,

Fred Lamb
Managing Director