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Your opinion is very important to us. We would like to thank everybody who took the time to fill in our customer satisfaction survey.  With your feedback we can better serve you in the future:

  • Make improvements
  • Identify our customer needs
  • Determination of the right strategy

One of the questions and results:

Results customer survey 2016

Winners of the powerbank

  • Pitpoint, Mr. Hulsen
  • Friesland Campina,  Mr. Broekman
  • Omega Visser, Mr. Peene
  • Mecal, Mr. van  Ratingen
  • KMWE, Mr. Schellens
  • Deerns, Mr. Striekwold

Research is conducted in May 2016 by sending an invitation for a survey to all our contacts.

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Cost savings through external Engineering trajectories.


The Engineering department led by Mark van Bronswijk sees a significant increase in the issues from the market. A good example is the company Thales Netherlands which originated from the former Hollandse Signaalapparaten located in Hengelo (The Netherlands).

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Optimal chemical process flow with traceable and certified solutions.


For an optimal Chemical process flow, reliable high quality connection solutions are essential.We understand that traceable products with the required material certificates and on site services are essential to our customers.

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Quality of compressed air


The quality of compressed air is essential for the operation of pneumatic systems. When compressing the air to, for instance 7 bar, the volume of air is compressed 8 times.

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customer survey 2016

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