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As an expert in the field of high-quality connections Teesing supports teams of various technical universities in the Netherlands with components and more importantly, knowledge and advice. Similarly, it sponsors the Eco-runner Team of the Technical University of Delft, which has been participating in the Shell Eco-Marathon Rotterdam for years. The goal of this team is to design and produce extremely fuel-efficient vehicles. This team strives for very low fuel consumption, equivalent to 5,000 km on one liter of gas.


The results of the recent SEM (Shell Eco-Marathon) do not lie: a consumption of 397 miles per kWh, which is equivalent to 3524 km per liter of gas. This team got a nice 2nd place in the category for (hydrogen) prototypes.

Last year the team worked hard to design and manufacture  a new fuel cell. It got involved with Teesing to design a new fuel cell that eventually will be 30% more efficient. In this case: there will be actually 30% more energy available to drive the motor.

Team Manager Alexander Spoelstra and Chief Engineer Jurriaan van den Berg are very pleased with the way Teesing has contributed to the new design.  "We have achieved a weight reduction of 15% along with a sustainable solution, which easily assembles and disassembles. The whole system is a lot clearer and we can now even work faster and easier on the car during the SEM," says Jurriaan. In addition, the team is also very enthusiastic about the customer focus and service: "All we had to do is send an email and Teesing  quickly responded with an appropriate proposal."


This year the team will be partly replaced by new members and continue with the optimization of the vehicle, but Jurriaan and Alexander will certainly  be closely involved in the developments. Teesing also remains involved in the integration of the new fuel cell in the vehicle and will continue to support the team. In the new season next year May the team will once again come into action to attempt to set a new record.

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