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The Phill is a compact filling device designed for natural gas/CNG vehicles.


This means in practice that for every hour a vehicle is connected to a system that can drive15 km.

Natural gas home costs about  0.55 per m3 in Holland. One m3 of natural gas occurscorresponds to about one liter of petrol ( in energy terms).

This makes the Phill gas refuelling interesting at home or at work as easily as an electric charging station.
For companies, there is funding available through the MIA (Dutch) scheme.


  • Cleaner
  • Efficientlyat home by filling you do not have to drive to CNG refueling. Saves time, money and the environment 
  • Safer
  • Cheaper

Natural gas can be replaced by biogas. With the use of biogas consumption you don't use fossil fuelsthis is thecleanest possible way of driving!


Teesing has stopped with distribution /servicing and support of BRC/ Phill/ Fuelmaker products. For more information please contact:

Meurs b.v.

Aalsvoort 36

7241 MA Lochem

Telefoon: 0573 – 25 75 55

E-mail: [email protected]

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CNG vehicle installationPhill cng filling installation

More information?

More information about the Phill?

Meurs B.V.

Telephone: 0573 – 25 75 55

E-mail: [email protected]