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Teesing provides the G-Range clamp connector: an Approved & Fire Tested solution to piping installations, used extensively in production manifold, flow line and valve installations.


The lightweight design (up to 75% weight saving over an ANSI flange) coupled with only four bolts per joint, makes for an easy and cost effective assembly. It is the recognized standard for clamp connectors by the Oil & Gas industry.

The connector includes an all metal seal ring and the G-Range connector is primarily designed for adverse conditions of pressure, temperature and thermal shock and is standss for quality and reliability.

The G-range connectors are available from butt weld and blind hubs, through elbows, tee’s, nozzles to enlarging and reducing hubs to orifice metering connections.

Check out this simple animation and see how easy it is to assemble.


Teesing thinks along with you about special connectors which need to be adjusted to your specific needs. We engineer from source to process.

Destec G-Range clamp connector hubs can be manufactured from exotic materials like  Carbon, Stainless, Alloy and Duplex Steels with compatible clamp and Seal ring materials. All certifications needed are available through our sales engineers.

Teesing is well known for advise, project engineering and a reliable partner and works already for years on projects for companies like Shell, Exxon, Q8 and many (sub) contractors.

Besides the G-range connectors, Teesings also supplies Compact flanges and GSB Single bolt subsea connectors.

More information can be found in our download section.

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This lightweight design (up to 75% weight saving over an ANSI flange) coupled with only four bolts per joint, makes for an easy and cost effective assembly. It is the recognized standard for clamp connectors by the Oil & Gas industry.

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G range clamp connector3D drawing of the G-range clamp connectors

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More information about the G-range clamp connectors? 
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