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Worlds best dual fuel systems for diesel engines

worlds best DUAL FUEL SYSTEM

For all diesel engines

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World's best dual fuel system for all diesel engines

LISA International developed a dual fuel saving system for diesel engines. The lisa dual fual mark III system  is based on Natural Gas Injection. This reduces diesel usage up to 60% and more, and reduces emissions significantly. In close partnership with Teesing Industrial Systems, Beijing and the Chinese Automotive Engineering Research Institute (CAERI) of ChongQing, this year the system is successfully introduced in the People’s Republic of China.

Large scale market introduction in Asia is expected in the due course of 2013.

For more information contact:
LISA International: Mr. R.F. Vedder, +31 6 16672701

Teesing Industrial Systems, Beijing:  Mr. Leon Yong, +86 13801244973

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Partnership with Lisa Mark 3

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