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New features available on the Teesing website!

Six months after the launch of our new website, we would like to inform you of our recently added features. The additions are based on the feedback from our customers.

What has been added?

  • Extensive product data
  • Product comparison
  • Easy to apply for sales quotations

Extensive product data

Completely new is the part where extensive product catalogue data is available for Serto valves, fittings, manifolds and Rectus quick couplings. This catalog section will be continuously expanded by our other products which are in the product information section.

Product Comparison

Also, it is possible to select products (max. 4) and compare these with each other on data specifications. View this instruction video for a clear explanation on how to select products for comparison.

Request a quote

When you place the products in your shopping cart, you can easily request quotes for one or more products. Even products that are not yet in the catalog can be added by giving your reference to "Free input items", and Teesing will offer the corresponding product.

Please check our website regularly because the following features will be ready soon:

  • To generate specific product data sheets
  • Order online through a personal account
  • To view the current stock status

We will keep you informed about the future developments. If you have any remarks or feedback, please sent us an email: [email protected]

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More information?

More information or questions about the new website? Contact Jurre Oorlog:

 Jurre Oorlog
Corporate Manager Sales & Marketing

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