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Monitoring ozone

Ozone is applied in large scale drinking water plants by means of porous diffusers placed strategically in large concrete contacting tanks. In smaller plants, ozone is usually applied via injectors. Control of ozone addition is by means of appropriate analytical instrumentation that measures ozone levels either in the liquid or gas phases – sometimes in both phases. Application and control of ozone to water is similar regardless of the specific use of the treated water.

Benefits of Ozone monitors for water treatment

  • Lower cost, lower maintenance costs, lower life-time cost of ownership
  • Accuracy of
  • No hassle of field calibration – simply change out factory pre-calibrated sensor heads annually
  • No sending equipment away for calibration or expensive on site technician time
  • No downtime – keep spare sensor heads on hand
  • Calibration certificates traceable to international standards available with every sensor head
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Watertreatment with ozone

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