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Several patents has been assigned to Teesing for an unique efficient filling technique which can be used to fill up with 700 bar hydrogen.

We are currently looking for partners that are interested in the use and commercialization of this principle.

New hydrogen filling technology limiting energy loss

Teesing has developed a system (PUsH - pressurizing Using Hydraulics) where there is no need for "pre-cooling". The cylinder is first filled with water with a pressure of 700 bar, where after the water is displaced by hydrogen gas at 700 bar to bring in the cylinder.

The prototypes have been successfully tested and patents have been issued for the PUsH principle in various countries.  

For more information about the granted and pending patents, please take a look at espacenet: Patent 1037030

What steps have already been completed?

The technology, developed by Teesing, have been completed through to level TRL4 and is now about to be validated in a relevant (industrial) application. The demo setup is currently at the Tongji University Shanghai, China. This setup consists of a hydraulic unit, test table with all the instrumentation, pump, control panel, filling compound (nozzle and receptacle) which have been specially developed for this application.
Enclosed you can see an animation of the PUsH principle.

We would like to get in touch with companies who can transform our patented system in a commercialized system where Teesing can act as knowledge partner and supplier of products and assemblies. For more information on current developments, please contact: Mrs. C. Jansen [email protected] or +31 70 413 0741

Background information on the project, which started in 2009, can be found in the pdf.

Push principe vulnozzle en receptacleHydraulische pomp voor Push principe

More information?

Do you want more information about this project?
Please contact:

Carla Jansen

Executive Assistant & CSR Coordinator

Carla Jansen

Executive Assistant & CSR Coordinator

+31 70 413 07 41