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The quality of compressed air is essential for the operation of pneumaticsystems. When compressing the air to, for instance 7 bar, the volume of air iscompressed 8 times. This is also means that the pollution and the amount ofwater vapor, is 8 times larger.


Due to the compression in the compressor, the temperature of the compressed air is also higher. Compressed air with a higher temperaturecan contain more water vapor. When it cools down,it condenses watervapor. Moisture in the compressed air system often leads to corrosion andor scaling. When the corroded parts in the pneumatic system come loose, this may cause permanent damage. Water also solves the grease from the pneumatic components,which decreases the service life dramaticallly. The oils used in the compressor can be taken along by the compressed air into the system,where the aggressive oil often affects plastics.


Bij persluchtgebruik is het belangrijk om het dauwpunt van de perslucht laag te houden door het gebruikvan persluchtdrogers, zoals de IDFA serie. Hoe werkt het? Vochtige, warme lucht gaat onder drukde luchtdroger in en de lucht wordt gekoeld door een warmtewisselaar. Het water dat condenseert zalautomatisch afgevoerd worden door een aftap. De lucht ontdaan van vocht wordt vervolgens terug geleid naar de uitgang. Dit betekent dat wanneer de lucht niet kouder wordt dan drie graden Celsius, er ook geen vocht in het systeem kan ontstaan.

When using compressed air, it is important to keep the dew point low by using the air dryers, such as the IDFA series. How does it work? Humid, hot air coming into the air dryer will be cooled down by a cooler/re-heater (heat exchanger). Water condensed at this time will be removed from the air by auto drain and drained out automatically. Air seperated from the water will be heated by a cooler/ re-heater(heat exchanger) to obtain the dried air, which goes through the outlet side.

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The quality of compressed air is essential for the operation of pneumatic systems. When compressing the air to, for instance 7 bar, the volume of air is compressed 8 times.

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