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WEH Connectors

The WEH connectors are an indispensable part of your business operations. Often they are daily used for pressure testing and filling gases or liquids. Working with pressure, gases or fluids may pose risks. As with any tool, maintenance is crucial.


Not only is the timely replacement of the O-ring withan original WEH O-ring important but also revision of the whole connector. Just like any other tool we recommend revision of your connector at WEH at least once every three years depending of the intensity of use.

Think of it as your car, which also needs annual maintenance.

Teesing guides your revision process
Let us know and we will gladly assist your throughout the revision process. Of course, we will send you a quotation before revision takes place.

• Use the WEH O-rings instead of alternative cheaper suppliers to secure the quality of the connectors.
• Make sure your connector is maintained at least once every 3 years.

More information
Would you like more information about (the revision) of your connectors?
Please call one of our sales engineers or send us an email directly.

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More information?

More information about WEH maintenance? 
Contact our specialists:

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