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Sponsoring student innovation

At the roll-out of their rocket Stratos III on Monday, May 28, the engineers of DARE (Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering) presented guests and sponsors with the plans up to and including its launch in July. As a thank you to all those who supported the development of the rocket, it featured sponsor logos on its tank. Sponsors were also treated to old-fashioned handwritten thank you notes from the students of this most advanced technical field.

Teesing for technical advice

Teesing has helped DARE develop the ground technology for its rocket, that is, the filling of the tank, for example. As with all requests for advice, the students approached the engineering department. Since they were able to make do with technical solutions that Teesing already has on offer, the Sales Engineers in the Sales department were able to help them along. This version of the Stratos rocket was bigger than in previous years. The students were advised on fittings and valves. The Stratos motor and technology for the fuel supply are what Teesing contributed to.

 Eco runner fuel cell

TU Delft Eco-runner waterstof-race