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A.B. Techniek B.V. is specialized in flow meters for more than 24 years and its complete product line of flow meters is applied in almost every type of industry. There are many measurement techniques for both gas and liquid. A special discipline is the calibrated measurements of oil, natural gas, industrial gases, steam and various other products including cryogenic liquids. These measuring installations are also MID-compliant.

The new specialization in flow meters is a welcome addition to Teesing’s existing product lines and fits in neatly with our goal of delivering “from source to process”.

The information regarding flow meters will initially remain on the A.B. Techniek B.V. website: We strive to integrate this information in the Teesing’ website as quickly as possible.

Already A.B. Techniek B.V. customer?

Until the end of December, nothing will change for A.B. Techniek B.V. customers, orders and deliveries will still take place from A.B. Techniek B.V. As of 1 January 2019 we would like to run all the above activities under Teesing BV.

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