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Teesing is proud to be official supplier for Thales in the Netherlands. Thales, through its legal entity Thales Nederland B.V, has chosen Teesing as official supplier for the coming five years for all hoses, hose assembles, couplers, cooling systems and services for test and integration.

Thales Netherlands is specialized in the development, manufacturing and integration of complex high-tech systems for the defense, transportation and security industries such as radar, command & control, OV chip card, communication systems and cyber security

strict requirements

Teesing received this international status by meeting all the strict requirements in  delivery reliability, certification, documentation, engineering advice, price, and quality. Every quarter Teesing is evaluated on these requirements as  part of their value sourcing program.

future cooperation

For future product development, we agreed to start Co-Engineering meaning Teesing Engineering will be involved at the start of all new developments  by participating in the Thales development team.

thales image

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