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Expension of our product range

Teesing is an internationally driven company that is focused on continuous growth in the future. In this context, we have decided to take over Advanced Flow Technics  in the first quarter of 2013. AFT has an impressive history of offering high quality products such as Mott Corporation USA, Setra Systems Inc. USA and Destec Engineering Ltd. UK combined with an excellent service. Teesing is pleased to incorporate AFT into the Teesing company and expand the product offerings and broaden our scope in various markets.


Mott corporation is known as world’s premier manufacturer of diverse porous metal products, like point-of-use and IGS filters, Bulk filters, Flow restrictors, Diffusers and Gasket filters.

Setra systems is a leading company in designing a broad line of sensing products. This includes humidity, current, vacuum and pressure sensing instruments, transmitters, low pressure calibrators and weighing and counting scales for a wide variety of applications.


Destec Engineering supplies high pressure containment equipment, portable machine tools and on-site machining services to a global market. Destec supplies Desflex compact flanges, G-range clamped connectors, the GSB subsea single bolt clamp connectors and the D–seal rings.

For existing AFT customers Teesing assures, there will be no significant changes; Teesing will continue to support your needs and can offer you the advantage of a larger product range, an own engineering department and an in-house cleanroom, ISO class 2-4, where Teesing can assemble products for you.

Wilfred Stam, the previous owner of AFT will be connected to Teesing as a consultant until further notice.

For the existing customers, Teesing is delighted with this new venture and is looking forward to passing on the benefits of these exclusive new partnerships to you!

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