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ABN amro world weeks 2012

TEESING PRESENTs during the ABN AMRO weeks

Progressive entrepeneurship for dutch companies

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There were several subjects highlighted during the presentation, to start off with the diversity of apllications within our company related to alternative energy. The cause of Teesing moving to China for new innovating projects, like the recent joint venture with an argentinian company that builds compressors.

As an preleminary on this session, Mr. D. de Jongste was interviewed by Diana Matroos, a reporter from RTL Z and BNR Radio.

ABN Amro Weeks

The Worldweeks represent progressive entrepeneurship for dutch companies that like to create international opportunities. Teesing is a good example how such opportunities are turned into succes. Especially nowadays, being aware of those opportunities is important.

During 2 weeks ABN AMRO organises several meetings through The Netherlands. They try to inspirate the dutch entrepeneurs with practical cases and introduce them to their international network. This was a great opportunity to remark our international experience and share our succes stories with a new group of entrepeneurs thatr are ready to profile themselves on a international level.

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ABN Amro world weeks 2012
Teesing presents at abn amro


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