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Teesing recently purchased new leak detection equipment in order to continuously innovate and provide the most reliable service to our customers. The increasing demand to develop new, innovative products and assemblies for customers like Thales and Viscon Omega Visser has resulted in a greater need for leakage detections tests. The assembly of fittings, tubing, valves, regulators, etc., must be done by an expert. Teesing can provide you with the product (assembly) expertise, a special assembly area, and also advanced leak detection service. A leak detection service needs to be as precise and efficient as possible and thus the long-lasting pressure drop test, bubble test in water and foam test are no longer necessary.

leak detector uses forming gas

The new leak detector uses forming gas (95% nitrogen, 5% hydrogen) to check for leaks. Because hydrogen has the lowest density of all gases and is lighter than air, the chances are very high that this will detect even the most minimal leakage. The leak detector has the capacity to detect up to 5x10-7 mbar l/s.

The leak detector is particularly interesting for the following industries: automotive, aerospace, packaging, RAC, medical and process industry and hydrogen applications. Do you lack the ability to test your product for leaks? Teesing can do this for you! We look forward to meeting your challenges!

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