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For the second year in a row Teesing has qualified for registration with Achilles Chemicals & Allied Industries community. Teesing fits the community profile on 10 points and these were found to be of sufficient quality for registration.

Internationally recognized quality label

Achilles Chemicals & Allies Industries is an independent third party that checks and validates supplier reliability in the (petro) chemical industry. Achilles collects, validates and maintains essential date of about 133 000 suppliers worldwide. Registration with the Achilles community means that a supplier has an internationally recognized quality label.

High-quality supplier

Registration with Achilles qualifies Teesing as a reliable supplier of services and products for the (petro) chemical industry. International customers recognize it as an assurance of Teesing’s quality. Teesing will display the Achilles logo where relevant to show its registration with the scheme. 

Achilles logo