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Quality performance

At Teesing we feel delivering quality products and quality service to our customers is one of our key competences. Therefore we measure our quality performance and abstracted it to one key performance indicator: how long does it take us to, when a complaint is filed by one of our customers , to solve it to our customers satisfaction.

Harmonious relationships

We believe that relationships in general are based on trust and transparency. This vision combined with our customer focused approach, we decided to share this key performance indicator with you.  As you can see in this graph below, it shows a steady decreasing trend in the time that we need to solve the complaints that are filed by our customers. Besides the duration, we also managed to improve our service-level in general which results in a reduction of the amount of complaints in total. We will continue improving our services and reduce complaints even more in future, like our high tech lean lifts that were placed this year.

If you have complaints, please let us know.The more harmonious the connections, the better a system works. This goes for both technical processes and people-to-people relationships! Thinking and working together – manufacturer, supplier and customer – to fully satisfy present demands while anticipating on future needs.

You can find more ‘indicators’ based on the opinion of our customers related to Industrial Applications and Alternative Energy here (dutch) .The results of the survey held based on our customers related to Submicron Technologies is available here.

Complaints graph

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