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Teesing is committed to Muscles for Muscles. On September 1st Teesing staff will be participating and sponsoring this golf day event to raise money for this charity. 

Muscles for Muscles

Muscles for Muscles is dedicated to children with a muscle disease. Children should be running, cycling, playing and exercising without worries! For some 20,000 children in the Netherlands this is not a given. Muscles for Muscles helps these children. Under the slogan "healthy muscles are committed to diseased muscles' many companies like Teesing, as well as private persons, are supporting the objectives of this foundation.

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Teesing supports hydrogen technology from Delft University


The Delft Eco-Runner Team visited Teesing in Rijswijk. Teesing sponsors the team and advises it in the development of its technology. The Eco-Runner Team is participating in the Shell Eco-Marathon in 2018.

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Ecorunner will be equipped with new lightweight fuel cell on hydrogen.


"As an expert in the field of high-quality connections Teesing supports teams of various technical universities in Holland with components and more importantly; knowledge and advice. Similarly, the Ecorunner Team of the Technical University of Delft, which has been participating in the Shell Eco Marathon Rotterdam for years.

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Forze Hydrogen Racing Team sponsored by Teesing


Teesing sponsors the team behind the Hydrogen Powered Forze VI based on the Lotus Super 7 chassis, with Serto unions, hose nozzles, plugs, ptfe tubing and hose clamps..

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Teesing at Muscles for muscles golfday


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